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[Proof1] The Professor and I A4 Cover-pa

'I am a Sierra Leonian... With this book, ... I could feel, I could touch the background of his rise to higher heights especially in a country known for bad reasons such as rebel wars and disease. Professor Lynch's story has given hope that people could rise from the dust to higher heights'. 

I got a story about the Professor's childhood in Sierra Leone, of the cultural shock of arriving in 1960s Britain, the challenges of navigating British society with no money to your name... From the story, much of whose details define the experience of London in the 1960s and 1970s. All of these stories are laid out in 'The Professor and I'. I enjoyed the medical thread. I enjoyed the social history thread and I enjoyed the Milton Keynes thread. Many of these elements are particularly resonant now at a time when the nation is reasserting the importance of the medical and caring professions, at a time when the world is reassessing the position and contribution of black lives and at a time when Milton Keynes which has just turned 50 is looking for untold stories in our comparatively short life. So Nana has done a great job in teasing out these elements at a moment when they have never been more needed'. 

'I've only just started reading the book... And I have to say I am totally, totally, totally hooked. I'm looking forward to getting off and going back to the book so I can actually get more insight to what the Professor is about.' 

'An excellent book'. 'Well-written'. 'Easy to read'. 'Don't want to put it down'.

Made me smile and cry such a lovely read. Thank you 

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