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A society that fails to protect its women is a failing society


With 35% of women globally having experienced physical and or sexual violence, this issue is described as rampant by the World Health Organisation.

‘Mine to Give’ narrates the personal ordeals of seven women who have experienced sexual violence. These women narrate stories of abuse which take place from ages as young as five through to teenage years and young adulthood.

Stories of abuse from the home, religious organisations and offices, all protected by a culture of silence and law enforcement which do not take cases seriously.

In ‘Mine to Give’ the author takes us on a journey through the mind of a survivor and we learn the psychological trauma of coming face to face with the pain of sexual violence.

This book is a call to action for:

One, society to listen to, support and empower women:


Two Governments to enforce the law and:


Three, girls and women to speak up so that the cancer of sexual abuse which thrives in silence and being hidden can be revealed and removed.

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