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The Full Story


An inspirational book which draws life lessons from the practice of running.

Eleven years ago, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Esther. Her birth came with complications because I had experienced Pari-Partum Cardiomyopathy. This is the situation where my heart had failed due to my pregnancy and was failing to pump water out of the left side of my heart. By the time I got to the hospital my heart’s pumping capacity was at 6%.

To keep me alive and restore the strength of my heart I was placed on steroids.

These steroids increased my weight greatly.

As I got better and started to use less steroids, I decided to exercise. Initially I joined the gym but after a while it became inconvenient to go to the gym, so I started running outdoors.
This was the birth of my love affair with running.

Running is now a permanent part of my weekly routine, running five times a week at least.

It is for me a quiet place, a thinking place, a strengthening place.

It provided such a great opportunity to think, reflect and plan. Answers to questions came to me and yes, I did lose the weight and my health is in a better place. Running has, however, long since become more than a health changing solution to becoming a mental and emotional space of well-being.

I invite you to my ‘Running Chronicles’. I know you will be inspired by the lessons I have learned from this activity and use them in your life or business.

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