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My great grandmother’s name was Nenneh Isaac. She was a midwife working in the villages of Gunjur and Sukuta and all the smaller villages in between.  She was the only midwife at the time serving this entire area.

So each time a woman went into labour they would send for Nenneh Isaac and she would travel to wherever the mother was, usually on foot as there were no ambulances and cars and taxis were a rarity.

Many new born baby girls were named after Nenneh Isaac.

After a while my great grandma became tired of all the walking to and fro at any time of day and night and requested that a clinic be built in Gunjur so that pregnant women could all have one place to go and meet her.

She got her wish and the Guinjur Clinic was built.

This Clinic has really now fallen into much disrepair and neglect.

In memory of my great grandmother, I am adopting this clinic as my give-back charity in The Gambia.

This April 2020, I will be going to donate, clothes, books, toys, towels, bedding, pain killers such as Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, and Panadol, bandages, antiseptic creams and lotions, bleach, cleaning materials, mosquito nets, scissors and more to the clinic.

I will be commissioning the building of new toilets, shower rooms and a kitchen and painting the entire clinic.

Please support me with a donation of any amount over £20.

Any donation over £500 will have their name mentioned in a plaque I will putting up at the hospital to appreciate the backers.

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