Is the Free Market Free for Everyone?

November 16, 2017

I work for my husband in a nursing recruitment agency.  The nursing agencies used to supply nurses to the NHS.  In a free and capitalist state it was a free for all where agencies charged a hell of a lot of money to supply the NHS.  Lots of nurses set themselves up as limited companies and worked via nursing agencies.  Then the government looks at the agencies and says they are making too much money so let us regulate the agencies.  So they set up frameworks such as the CPP, HTE and CCS and said all agencies need to register on those frames otherwise they could not supply the NHS.  With those frameworks came price caps. 

The government's intention being solely to drive down agency nurse pay rates so low that the nurses decide to leave the agencies and work for the NHS full time.  The results of these are 1. The nurses themselves don't want to work directly for the NHS, 'they are not good employers', 2. By forcing agencies to make very low margins they are being forced out of business--unemployment-, 3. Nurses are being forced to take pay cuts--Just last week a nurse I manage took a £5 per hour pay cut.  I just don't see why hard working nurses up and down the country are taking pay cuts whilst the bankers continue with their huge pay cuts and bonus.  If the object is to save money for the NHS why not take it from the people with the money and not defenceless nurses. 


It's a free market to suit some people.  And that is why I don't think the Government should solely control the creation of money either.


The debt of African countries to the West via the IMF and the world Bank is over $20 trillion- all spent on projects that in the main failed to deliver on projects which the World Bank and IMF created. Currently more than $390 million is made in interest payments every year from African countries- enough money to provide food and health care for the continent's children and 20 times more than the amount being sent back as AID.  The free market only works for the people who set it up.


The relationship between Africa and the West has always been one of exploitation-slavery, capitalism and economic enslavement. 


China, on the other hand has offered partnership. They have been in Africa for over 20 years and yet it has never made a move to colonise it. It might be that is afraid of the reaction from the West if it tries to take over the milking cow. However, I think it is mainly because China is a country of $1.2 billion people--- The size of the country and population makes the focus of China's development its own. It is just too occupied at home to add other countries to its list of responsibilities. We cannot, however be lulled into thinking China is working in Africa out of the goodness of her heart. Of course there is an agenda. She wants to grow and be great and she is making use of the opportunities in Africa to do so. The difference is that the truth of China's agenda is plain to see--she wants to grow but as a developing country she is willing to take others along with her rather than leave them behind.


Culled from written discussions as part of my Executive MBA for the Creative Industries

Ashridge Business School

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